So many people struggle these days to control their appetite, but there are some – particularly in the world of bodybuilding – who instead find it a challenge to eat enough nutrients for their progress.

We brought you 6 easy-to-do tips so you can reach your goals without difficulties!

1. Train more!

Physical activity significantly increases your appetite, as your body wants to “make up” for the energy used, so it increases the level of the hormones responsible for hunger. Add one extra lifting session and/or reduce the rest periods during your workouts –this will increase the frequency and/or intensity of your training.

2. Spice up your meals!

The flavour and aroma of certain spices can literally make your mouth water, because they act on the oral mucosa and also promote the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach. If you lose your appetite, cayenne pepper, mustard, ginger and thyme are recommended, but of course you should only use them in an amount that enhances the flavour of your food without completely suppressing it.

3. Pay attention to presentation!

If you aren’t on the go and don’t have to eat your meals from containers, take time with your meals and make an effort. Set the table nicely and present your food in an attractive way. A colourful, pretty plate in itself can increase your mood for eating.

4. Eat less, more often!

Bodybuilder nutrition is based on eating 5 or 6 meals a day. There is a reason for this. It is much more convenient to consume the food allotted for the day if it’s divided into smaller servings, eaten several times a day.

Also, we recommend to base your nutritional intake on easily digestible foods which don’t make you feel too full. So, instead of beef and quark, you should prefer chicken and fish, and opt for rice porridge instead of oatmeal.

5. Top off your meals with an extra snack!

After your meals, nibble on a few nuts. Nuts have a sufficiently high energy content, so they can significantly ramp up your daily calorie intake. If nuts are not to your taste, dried fruit or protein bars with a higher calorie content, such as Choco Pro can also be great!

6. Utilise the potential of bulking supplements!

Bulking supplements are a mix of good quality protein and carbohydrate, which, depending on their type, can also contain some extra, sport-centric active substances. Basically, they are concentrated foods with an extra zing. They are easy and quick to prepare, and you can provide your body with a high amount of valuable nutrients with their help without any fussing. It’s best to use them after training, but if you have difficulties to meet your allotted daily amount of nutrients then you can also use them during the day.

Our portfolio includes multiple bulking formulas of various types, and everyone can find one that’s right for their needs. Clearly the most popular are the products of the JUMBO family, which have already contributed significantly to the progress of many gym-goers.


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